Environmental Commitment

Because We Live Here

Working with Towards Zero Waste, we recycle all waste paper through Sound Recycling. We recycle and between 900 to 2000 pounds of mixed paper and clean white paper a month. We also recycle plastic bottles, plastic bags and stretch wrap, aluminum and steel cans, glass, cardboard and toner/ink containers as possible.

We support the use of FSC and Sustainable Forest Initiative certified papers and offer 100% post consumer waste recycled papers in our self serve copiers. We use paper with 30% recycled fiber content in all of our engineering/large document copiers and printers. Our wide format inkjet printers use aqueous or UV Cured inks and release less VOC's than solvent-based inkjet printers.
Shop wide, we replaced our sodium vapor lighting and incandescent lighting with low-mercury, low voltage, high-output fluorescent lighting. We replaced the paper towels in our restrooms with high-efficiency electric hand dryers and put motion sensors on the restroom lighting and ventilation.